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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The latest remix in Kollywood-Adho Antha Paravai

D.Imaan,the budding music director who remixed the song "Ennadi Munniama" in his film Vaathiyar,has added another feather to his cap by remixing the yesteryear star MGR's memorable number "Adho Antha Paravai".The song is set to appear in his latest project "Aayirathil Oruvan",starring Paruthiveeran-fame Karthik.D.Imaan created waves in Kollywood when listeners heard the vintage "Ennadi Munniama" in a totally different feel that was enhanced by Karthik's(vocals for Girlfriend from Boys) stylish voice.Now Imaan is preparing for a deja vu as his latest remix Atho Andha Paravai hits the audio stores.It would actually do injustice to Imaan for naming it a remix;re tune would be a more befitting term.

Download Atho Antha Paravai remix song from rapidshare here:

Kandasamy latest pics on net

It is well known that Vikram's 'Kandaswamy' had a grand launch. It has become a trend setter of sorts ushering in new standards for film launches in the future. Starting from the invite with in-built LCD screens showing the teaser promo of the movie to adoption of two villages by the producers, it spells innovation in every facet of film making.

The shooting of going on in full swing and the makers seem to be overwhelmed by the launch function response from the fans and viewers that they are currently rethinking about their already planned strategies for the film. This multi crore project is now all set to go even bigger as they felt their original plans were outdone by the expectations the promos created. The ripples were felt by the crew which decided to go in for some tweaking up of scenes to make it live up to people's expectations and even go beyond that.

To see the high quality trailer, go here:

Here are the latest high quality pictures and wallpapers of Vikram and Shriya starrer Kandasamy.

Varanam Aayiram team in US!

Latest news on Surya in Gautam Menon's next project Varanam Aayiram:

Actor Surya along with the other cast and crew members of the film 'Varanam Aayiram' will soon leave to the US. The unit will go to San Francisco to shoot some major portions for the film. The shooting has been planned at the prestigious Brooklyn University. Gautham Menon is the director and Samira Reddy and Divya are the leading ladies. The director has also roped in a few top American technicians to provide special effects for the movie.

Surya's 'Varanam Aayiram', directed by Goutham Menon, will be shot in the US.
The cast and crew of the movie will soon leave for San Francisco on a 25-day trip to shoot the movie. Goutham is planning to shoot important sequences at the famous Brooklyn University.
Samira Reddy and Divya are the heroines in the movie. A grand set is to be erected at a studio in US where song sequences would be shot. Goutham Menon has roped in leading American technicians to work in the movie.

Meanwhile, Surya's 'Vel' will be released this Deepavali. Directed by Hari, the movie features Asin opposite him.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vidya Balan in a stunning new look!

Fresh from the success of Bhool Bhulaiyya, Vidya Balan was spotted in the Capital endorsing a jewellery line. But does the actress carry off her new Western look as successfully?A figure-hugging tobacco coloured gown accessorised with loud jewellery, hardly what one would expect Vidya to be sporting, but the actress happily flaunted her fitter figure and hair-do while inaugurating a jewellery showroom.

FIGURE IT OUT: Vidya flaunted her fit figure and hair-do while inaugurating a jewellery showroom.

“I just realised that I was getting lax, and decided to work out and also keep a check on what I was eating,” Vidya said regarding her perfect 10 figure.
And that new surge of energy might also have something to do with the success of the Vidya's last films – Hey Babyy and Bhool Bhulaiyya.
But the actress preferred to remain tightlipped about news of her being the chosen one for Rakeysh Om Prakash's Delhi-6 with Abhishek Bachchan.

Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Beta out

Yahoo has released its Easter egg:Y! Messenger 9.0 Beta version,which was long due for release.But the extra hours Y! put in has apparently not gone to waste;the new version rocks,in my opinion.Mind you,there could be some minor bugs;it could crash without warning when you're in the midst of "interesting" conversations and irritate the devil out of you.Well,thats why software companies attach that "beta" tag to justify all those unwarranted antics.

Anyway,here are the features:First of all, you'll notice the new design, which is pretty attractive… with a few exceptions. Although you can choose from several color themes, I found at least one element which annoys me every time the contact window is opened: a communication bar which appears under a contact name, requiring you to choose from instant messaging, VoIP chat or SMS. The Sunnyvale company didn't say a thing on whether the bar can be disabled or not, or at least if we can set one of the options as default, because some of the consumers who use only instant messaging might find it useless.

The avatars are now displayed next to the contact names, while the status messages can be placed under them. You can choose between a detailed list view and a compact one, depending on your preferences. Besides these interface improvements, Yahoo Messenger 9.0 beta is fully compatible with video and photo sharing technologies such as YouTube, Yahoo Video or Flickr, allowing you to share pictures and clips in a matter of seconds. For example, to share a clip to your contact, all you need to do is type the link of the video.

Now, the juicy part: Yahoo Messenger 9.0 beta comes with some new skins and emoticons which I'm sure you'll like. Sarah Bacon, Product Manager, said that some of the emoticons were inspired by the Emoticontest.

Download Yahoo Messenger 9.0 beta here:

iPhones in Chennai?!

The Apple iPhone,which shot to fame soon after its release for its unique features,has been on the receiving end of criticsm lately. So far,the only iPhones that have been sold in Chennai are "Korean" ones,which you can get for 9k.But now it seems that Wavetel,a popular showroom in Chennai,has started marketing iPhones.
This move by Wavetel may not be a smart one,as the Nokia N95 which carries a price tag with same figures,has had its sales increase by a considerable notch in the past few weeks.For Chennai consumers,the question that which-the N95 or the iPhone-is a better choice should be a rhetorical one.

See here for Wavetel's iPhone offer,for a price of 25k.

DotSis NOT resurrected

What happened to DotSis?

I was searching the World Wide Web yet again for some(any!!) news about DotSis,while an interesting search result came up in Yahoo Answers.I always say that Y! Answers is worth its salt as long as you want something trivial;it could help you find some great links or information you might be fishing for,but I never take it too seriously and am inclined to take a critical view of it.According to this search,DotSis is back again with a bang in the form of a new forum,the URL of which you'll NOT find here simply for the reason that ITS A FAKE(if you still want to know the forum's URL,head to the Y! answers URL I've given above).

The forum claims that it has been formed ad hoc to replace the old on seeing this,I started going through the sub forums...and found it be contrast in toto to the original site.There were very few posts,let alone useful ones;moreover,the number of registered users was so meagre a number that it I found myself laughing mirthlessly!So much for my temporal ecstasy.

And then,I saw the truth.It was a fact that DotSis evanished during the first week of October(update me if I'm incorrect)..And this so called Resurrected DotSis forum had posts starting right from March 2007.Several users have asked whether this was the new DotSiS,all of which have gone unanswered(though not unnoticed,I'll say).The forum owners(probably) have also been posting all over the net that this is the new site.My advice:Don't believe it and join.That would be an insult to the real site.There's been no info on what really happened yet;and no news is hopefully good news.

Here's my old post on what happened to DotSis:

Monday, October 29, 2007

Ever seen a 13 Gigapixel picture?

What can you do with a picture that contains 13,00,00,00,000 (that's 13 x 10^9,or thirteen billion) pixels of information stitched into the very fibres of its being? You can do more than just stare and adore it;using the Flash software plugged-in to your browser,you can zoom into the image to such an extent that you could probably catch people's expressions on their faces.You can navigate the photo in a way that will feel familiar to anyone that has worked with Google Maps or Google Earth. It's truly amazing how far you can zoom in on details in the panorama. Truthfully, the subject matter is maybe a little bit disappointing, since there are many other obviously more picturesque settings that would benefit from this treatment.

This image has been done using Kolor's Autopano Pro panorama stitching software.Apparently,a very large number of photographs are taken with a high resolution camera before they're "stitched" into a single ultra high quality Gigapixel picture.Wikipedia has some useful info on Gigapixel imagery(and provides a 1 Gigapixel picture as a sample as well):
This site has some good info about how a GP pic is made:

Oh,and I haven't forgotten the 13 Gigapixel picture.Here's the link:

The Intel Chip was designed by an Indian!

Vinod Dahm and the Pentium chip are synonymous with each other. It is so because Vinod Dahm is the creator of the Pentium chip, which runs almost 90% of the computers today. He is suitably known as the father of the Pentium processor. Vinod was born in Pune, India in 1950. He received his initial education at Pune. Vinod earned his bachelor's degree from the Delhi College of Engineering, in Electrical Engineering in the year 11971. After completing his engineering, Vinod worked briefly in Delhi for Continental Devices- a semiconductor company. To pursue advance studies, Vinod went to the US in the year 1975. There, he joined the University of Cincinnati to pursue a Masters in Electrical Engineering. After his masters, in 1977, Vinod joined the National Cash Register (NCR) at Dayton, Ohio. There, he worked as a team member of the NCR's memory design group. While working at the NCR, Vinod Dahm received many patents. It was during one of the presentations in Monterrey, California that Intel offered Vinod to work with it.

Ghajini Pics-Aamir and Asin

I found some good pics of the tamil remake Ghajini,starring Aamir Khan and Asin.Ghajini is the Hindi adaptation of the Tamil film Ghajini to be directed by A. R. Murugadoss. The original version of the film was inspired by Christopher Nolan's critically acclaimed Memento. The film depicts the life of an anterograde amnesiac, in search for the man who murdered his wife. Ghajini will feature Aamir Khan, Asin Thottumkal and Jiah Khan in lead roles. A. R. Rahman will be scoring the music for the film whilst Ravi K. Chandran and Anthony handle cinematography and editing of the film respectively. The film began shooting in May 2007, with songs having been shot in the Deadpan Desert of Namibia and in Cape Town, South Africa.

Aamir Khan at Infosys , Bangalore office:

Official Pics:

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trailers for 2 upcoming films-Vel and Kandasamy

Vel is Surya's next flick with Director Hari in which the hero plays a double role.Asin plays Surya's sweetheart in the film.The film is scheduled to release on Nov.8 alongside Vijay's Azhagiya Tamil Magan.The music has been scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Download the songs here:

The Trailer:

Vikram's next venture with Director Susi Ganesan(from Thiruttu Payale) has been the talk of the town for a month.Vikram,the-actor-with-many-accolades,has got a stunning look for his latest project,along with Sivaji-fame Shreya.The music for the will be scored by Devi Sri Prasad.

Kandasaamy - Vikram, Shriya

Watch the trailer here:

Crysis Demo Launched

Crysis,the much awaited game has been facing trouble over its release.However,some good news is in store.EA Games has at last launched the much anticipated demo.The file size is 1.77 GB,and contains only the first level of the game.Sites report that those computers running nVidia graphic cards need to have the beta forceware installed.You can download the forceware from here.

Links for Crysis Demo Download:

EA Games
File Planet

Prince of Persia 4-The Ghosts of the Past?!?!?!

"The Ghosts of the Past"-title eh chumma adhirudhula? According to a blog called "Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars",the next trilogy for the Prince is about to happen.Set in the same dark environment,Ghosts of.. will feature the Prince in "the dark edginess of the last two titles in favor a fantastical cross between The Sands of Time, Ico, and Zelda".Though Ubisoft has NOT confirmed or commented on the news,it is likely that the next POP game may be under production.The blog,which was far from famous till this "rumour" happened,claims that the game is scheduled for release in the second half of next year (for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC).It will feature a younger prince than what the previous trilogy saw and will serve as a prequel to those titles.More interestingly,screenshots have been provided(though their authenticity is doubted).

Gamespot also supports the idea of Ghosts of.. being in production.The famous game site as always logically analyses the underlying possibility of the alleged return of the series to its phantasmagorical roots.The game is being readied alongside Jerry Bruckheimer-produced, Michael Bay-directed Prince of Persia movie scheduled to hit the screens in summer 2009.

Jodi No 1 Wildcard Round videos

I managed to catch today's(Oct 27th) episode of Jodi No 1 Wildcard round..and managed to record that as well..I must say Irfan and Monisha's performance was awesome.They really set the stage on fire by dancing to a fast number,"atho antha paravai" remix.I think I'll vote for them(for Monisha especially :) ).The other teams were okay-I think its going to be a close call for Irfan and Monisha.How to vote is explained here:

Here are the videos(still updating.YouTube takes considerable time for uploading):
Preparing for The Wildcard Round:

Jodi No 1 Season 2 Dev and Aishwarya Wild card round:

Jodi No 1 Season 2 Irfan and Monisha wildcard round:

Jodi No 1 Season 2 Sree and Krithika wildcard round:

Jodi No 1 Season 2 Yugendran and Malini wildcard round

Jodi No 1 Season 2 Arvind and Lakshmi wildcard round

Saturday, October 27, 2007

GRE Barrons Audio Files

With an increasing number of students taking up GRE these days, i have got a audio files which includes the list included in the GRE Barrons.The Audio files have got the detailed synonym for each and every word and the antonyms and the detailed usage of every word.I have written my GRE.I found this files very helpful for me while reading the wordlists.So i thought these files might be helpful for everyone as well.Voice of Prof.Krupa Shankar.

Download the files here:

Human race will 'split into two different species'


The human race will one day split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures, according to a top scientist.

100,000 years into the future, sexual selection could mean that two distinct breeds of human will have developed.

The alarming prediction comes from evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry from the London School of Economics, who says that the human race will have reached its physical peak by the year 3000.

The report claims that after they reach their peak around the year 3000 humans will begin to regress

These humans will be between 6ft and 7ft tall and they will live up to 120 years.

"Physical features will be driven by indicators of health, youth and fertility that men and women have evolved to look for in potential mates," says the report, which suggests that advances in cosmetic surgery and other body modifying techniques will effectively homogenise our appearance.

Men will have symmetrical facial features, deeper voices, according to Curry in a report commissioned for men's satellite TV channel Bravo.

Women will all have glossy hair, smooth hairless skin, large eyes, according to Curry.

Racial differences will be a thing of the past as interbreeding produces a single coffee-coloured skin tone.

The future for our descendants isn't all long life, perfect bodies and chiselled features, however.

While humans will reach their peak in 1000 years' time, 10,000 years later our reliance on technology will have begun to dramatically change our appearance.

Medicine will weaken our immune system and we will begin to appear more child-like.

Dr Curry said: "The report suggests that the future of man will be a story of the good, the bad and the ugly.

"While science and technology have the potential to create an ideal habitat for humanity over the next millennium, there is the possibility of a monumental genetic hangover over the subsequent millennia due to an over-reliance on technology reducing our natural capacity to resist disease, or our evolved ability to get along with each other.

"After that, things could get ugly, with the possible emergence of genetic 'haves' and 'have-nots'."

Dr Curry's theory may strike a chord with readers who have read H G Wells' classic novel The Time Machine, in particular his descriptions of the Eloi and the Morlock races.

In the 1895 book, the human race has evolved into two distinct species, the highly intelligent and wealthy Eloi and the frightening, animalistic Morlock who are destined to work underground to keep the Eloi happy.

Google updates PageRank for websites!

Whats the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning? Go to my blog,of course.And whats the first thing I notice that has changed? The Google Page Rank! My blog had previously no page rank,and now it has increased to 1/10.Not a stellar achievement,but hey,its a start.My friends' blog have also got their page ranks increased by a considerable notch.

Sundar- -Page Rank 1
Avinash- -Page Rank 1
Tarun- -Page Rank 2
Shiva- -Page Rank 1
Muthamizh- -Page Rank 3
Swami- -Page Rank 2
Praveen- -Page Rank 2

Interesting news is that Yahoo,which had previously a page rank of 10/10 has gone down to 9/10.(I wonder how Google'll celebrate this "event" :) ) Google has maintained its PR of 8.I'm doubtful about Orkut,though.It had a PR of 8,and now my Google Toolbar shows 5.I wonder if that drastic change is real if its some has 7/10,while YouTube's got 3!

Watch a movie without downloading all parts

You have a movie you want to watch from rapidshare, but you don't want to wait the 10 hours to download all parts.You want to check out the quality of the movie without downloading all parts..

Here's what you do"

1) Download part 1 of the rar archive

2) Once downloaded, right click on it, on the dropdown menu select
"Extract files..."

3) On the menu that comes up, check "Keep broken file".

4) Hit OK, it will start to extract (enter a password if needed) and once it gets to part 2 you will get the normal error message.

5) Hit cancel, close, etc. Get the boxes out of the way.

6) There will be a new folder on your desktop, or where ever you choose to extract to, containing the folder and the first 15 minutes or so of the movie. You can watch part 1 while part 2 is downloading, etc.

This is also helpful for checking the quality of movies.


Funny YouTube video-Zaheer Khan

This took place a long time back.But I came across this video of a female spectator who's completely smitten with Indian pace bowler Zaheer Khan.Watching the match between India and arch rival Pakistan at Banglore,she takes the opportunity to propose to him-on camera! Suprisingly,Zaheer reacts and returns her flying kiss..Old vid,but unforgettable for the humour and romance involved.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Kamal's next venture-Marmayogi

Close on the heels of completing 'Dasavatharam', Kamal Haasan has reportedly commenced works for his next film. A mega-budget movie, it would be produced by Reliance Adlabs.Reports suggest that the movie has been titled 'Marmayogi' and it would be directed by Kamal Haasan himself.

Touted to be an historical adventure film, 'Marmayogi' will have musical score by A R Rahman. Interestingly, it was the title of MGR's film released in 1951.

NFS Pro Street to be released on Nov.13

At last! The next NFS game's going to be released.I'm a die hard fan of NFSMW,so I can hardly wait for Pro Street.I must say Carbon was a disappointment-the game ended too quickly.Most Wanted kept me at the computer for many days;I can remember how many days I missed college and tests just to play this nerve racking street game.

And now,(sighs happily)-Pro Street!EA Games has made an official announcement that the game will be released on 3 platforms(PC,XBox and PS) coming November 13th.

This is an excerpt from Gamespot:

"..Instead of driving around in a fictional city looking for trouble, ProStreet will place you in the driving shoes of one Ryan Cooper, an up-and-coming race driver. Cooper is looking to make a name on the tuner and street racing circuit, so you'll need to steer him through a number of race events that cover a big swath of racing disciplines as you go. Race events in ProStreet will be organized into either grip, drift, drag, or speed challenges, and each of these disciplines has a "king" associated with it, which is a boss you'll be looking to take down to prove your supremacy in that particular style of racing. Then there's Ryo; he's the final boss you'll face in the game and also a master of every discipline in the bunch. Your goal is to make your way through all of the different race events--besting each of the kings until the final showdown with Ryo..."

Here are some screenshots of the game:

And here's one more interesting info-Big Brother contestant Krystal Forscutt has been chosen as one of two females to feature in the new Need For Speed racing game, ProStreet.

Krystal Forscutt at work with game designers.

Cool huh?

And if you wanna see the official trailer,head here:

Invisiblity-Mankind's Dream

It is humankind’s never-dying dream, from the oldest myths to SF movies. Now, could the "electromagnetic wormhole" make us invisible? A team led by Allan Greenleaf of the University of Rochester has investigated a way to achieve this. The result would not be the classical wormhole, a theoretical bend in space and time acting like a shortcut, moving an object over vast distances."Instead, once something entered one end of the newly theorized
tunnel, the object would be electromagnetically invisible to outside observation until it emerged from the other side. It would create a complete a disconnection between the outside world and stuff inside the cloaking region. It's good for hiding things.", said Greenleaf.

The tunnel would be based on a coat of metamaterials with a special ability of reflecting light, so that objects might become invisible. In October 2006, a Duke University team led by David R. Smith made a shield of metamaterials around 5 inches (13 cm) wide that could become invisible. But that shield functioned just in two dimensions and at a specific microwave frequencies, out of the visible spectrum.The Rochester team noticed the similarities to their own mathematical computations. The researchers focused on building an object that would impede inquirers from seeing its whole content. This extended Duke's cloaking model into 3-D. "Geometrically, it's more complicated than a cloaking structure", said Greenleaf.

The new device resembles a door handle, being made of 2 spheres of metamaterials stuck onto each end of a metamaterial-coated tube. "The only way waves could get into the tunnel would be from either end. Although the size of the cylinder would be unlimited, the exact range of frequencies it could render invisible depends on what kind of metamaterials scientists end up developing. Still, even with limited frequencies, such a design would be useful for many applications", said Greenleaf.The tunnel could eliminate the powerful distorting magnetic fields induced by some surgical instruments during operations.

Jodi No 1 Exclusive

Today's Jodi No 1 Season 2 episode will feature the practice sessions of the teams that are taking part in the wild card round.The actual performances will be telecasted tomorrow aka 27th Oct.It should be noted that the famed jodi Monisha & Irfan were eliminated in the last round,and are taking part in the Wildcard round.(I wonder how many girls are praying that Mr.Handsome should qualify.. :) )As usual,the teams would be judged by Sangeetha,Master Sundaram and of course,the emotional "Enaku Nadika Theriyadhuya" Simbu.I actually thought that Uma and Prithvi jodi would be allowed to take part in the Wildcard round.But I guess that cant happen as long as Simbu stays in the judge's seat.Uma Rias was doing a great job...

Meanwhile,I thought I'd update you with some videos.I'd posted only the YouTube videos.If you want high quality ones,just head to Sainath's blog:

My earlier posts and videos:

iView MediaPro

Description: iView MediaPro is the leading photo software & image management software solution for creative professionals, such as Photographers, Graphic Artists, Web Designers and Interactive Designers. iView photo software enables effortless management of a limitless number of digital files. Let iView be your visual multimedia database to guide you through your ever-growing digital library.

Download here:

Ajith's Billa to be released on November 30th

The shooting for Ajith's ‘Billa’ is over. The good news for Ajith-fans is that, the movie will hit the screens on 30 November.

The movie, a remake of yesteryear Rajnikanth hit, was initially slated for release on Deepavali day. However for reasons unknown its release for postponed.

Speaking about the film, its producer Anandha Suresh, said, “We have completed the shooting. The background and re-recording works have commenced. It is being carried out in Mumbai”.

Dwelling further, Anandha Suresh said, “We would be releasing the movie with 250 prints worldwide. For the first time, we are planning to release the movie in abroad with English sub-titles. The audio of ‘Billa’ would be released on 15 November followed by the movie on 30 November”.

The movie stars Ajith, Nayantara, Namitha, Prabhu, and Rahman among others in the cast. Music is by Yuvanshankar Raja and the movie is directed by Vishnuvardhan.

Interestingly, noted stunt choreographer William Yong, who worked in several Jackie Chan's movies, had worked in ‘Billa’.

Click here to see the trailer.

Happy Birthday Asin!

Asin(my fav actress :D ) celebrates her 22nd birthday today..! Let all Asin fans wish her a very happy and joyful birthday..!Happy Birthday,Asin!

Happy Birthday,Malabar!Love you!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Inconsolable-I am

Once a Backstreet Boys fan,always a Backstreet Boys fan.BSB was my first love in the genre of English music,and the fivesome group still have a small place in my heart.If you're a hard rock/heavy metal fan,you'll find my writing such delicate words about BSB funny..I rarely listen to hard rock,and I'd prefer not to listen to Heavy Metal(let alone heavier genres like Death metal and Grindcore),so I just love soft pop numbers like BSB and Westlife.
I was watching SS Music;a viewer requested "More Than That"..I love this number very much,along with Quit Playing Games and Shape of my Heart.So seeing this vid made me nostalgic(brought back memories of my High School when I used to listen to BSB endlessly..ah the heavenly school days!) This urged me to take a peek at the latest news for BSB..and what do I find?They're about to release a new album called "Unbreakable"on Oct 30! I didn't like Never Gone as much as I had liked their previous albums(Incomplete was good though).So my expectations are quite high for Unbreakable..Anyways,I was very happy to know that they were gonna release another album.

And then,like a bolt out of the blue I saw this news:Kevin Richardson,the eldest member had quit the group.I was completely disconcerted on reading this;it indeed made very sad.I like Kevin next to Brian Littrell;I never thought the BSB would come to this state.A website quotes Kevin as "I'm leaving the Backstreet Boys to pursue other interests.This has been a very tough decision for me,especially after being with the Boys for13 years;however this decision was inevitable.I will always remember BSB as a dream come true and wish the Boys the very best for the future".The now-foursome group have no mind to replace their close friend.This is indeed very sad news to me.I had always imagined the BSB as a five member band.. :( :( :( Inconsolable,I am.

Anyway,here's the video of "Inconsolable" from YouTube-the single from their next album which was released on Aug 27th.

A.R.Rahman to start Mission Ustaad

A R Rahman has announced his willingness to join with UN and Endemol Productions, a production company working for a new Hindi television channel, to launch a show called Mission Ustaad.

This will be an enlightening musical show to be launched on channel 9x which is planning to go on air by November. Developed to create awareness on the UN's Millennium Development Goals, the creators of the show believe that music unifies the human race and will hence prove the right vehicle to spread awareness for a good cause.

A.R. Rahman, with a reputation for being socially and patriotically inclined, will prove the ideal mascot for the show which will feature some of the best entertainers from India.

Rahman had already worked with the UN and composed an anthem on poverty and the underprivileged through his 'Pray For Me Brother'.

“I am convinced that the partnership will bring about the desired awakening among Indian viewers, and the show will touch the hearts of the nation in a very entertaining manner,” Rahman said in a statement.

Salil Shetty, director of United Nations Millennium Campaign who is planning the show holds the view that for the marginalized people of India like the Dalits and adivasis (tribals), minorities, the goals offer a real hope to achieve better education, health and livelihoods. Mission Ustad will act as a reminder that time is running out.

‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮҉ Found something interesting!!!

Lol..The title of this post actually reads "Found something interesting!!!" backwards..

I found this on Warez-bb..And found it to be absolutely cool! This SYMBOL,called the COMBINING CYRILLIC MILLIONS SIGN,makes characters go backward as you type them.I;ve pasted the symbol and image below.As soon as I paste this image in the post,the text after the symbol goes berserk and starts getting printed backwards.Note that all commands,like Backspace,Home,End,etc ec are also affected.The technical name's U+202B RIGHT-TO-LEFT EMBEDDING Font.

This is not a virus.It is a simple Unicode was designed by The Unicode Organization for Microsoft.Why the heck would MS do something crazy like this(apart from inventing Windows :)) ?Think of fonts that would require right to left writing,like the ancient Arabic language.We mus realise that the computer is meant for all;it should transcend all language and regional barriers.

Go here to get the Unicode info about this fascinating symbol:

Wikipedia's entry on Bi Directional text:

Copy and paste this symbol on any forum/google search/browser.It wont work on notepad or wordpad.The text will appear backwards as you type! If you want,just test it here by posting a comment for this post!



‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮As soon as I pasted this image,my writing went kaboom and backwards!


13 most expensive cell phones

Seems these are the most expensive mobile phones available in the market.Even Sony Ericsson and Nokia are on the list.So go ahead them and buy one of them-if money is no object to you,that is! I'd love to have the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond,though... :)

GoldVish Le Million - $1.3 million
13 Most Expensive Cell Phones 1

Diamond Crypto Smartphone - $1.3 million
13 Most Expensive Cell Phones 2

Bucheron for Vertu Cobra - $ 310,000
13 Most Expensive Cell Phones 3

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond - $ 300,000
13 Most Expensive Cell Phones 4

Vertu Diamond - $ 88,000
13 Most Expensive Cell Phones 5
Vertu Signature - $ 81,000
13 Most Expensive Cell Phones 6

Motorola SLVR L7 - $ 75,000
13 Most Expensive Cell Phones 7

Samsung SPH-E3200 Diamond Crusted - $ 54,000
13 Most Expensive Cell Phones 8

Motorola V220 Special Edition - $ 51,800
13 Most Expensive Cell Phones 9

Gresso Black Aura Collection - Up to $13,000
13 Most Expensive Cell Phones 10
Gold Edition Nokia 8800 - $ 2,700
13 Most Expensive Cell Phones 11

Mobiado Professional EM - $2,200
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Bang & Olufsen (Samsung) Serene - $1,250
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Sleepwalking Naked..

LONDON (Reuters) - A surge in naked sleepwalking among guests has led one of the country's largest budget hotel groups to re-train staff to handle late-night nudity.
Travelodge, which runs more than 300 business hotels in Britain, says sleepwalking rose seven-fold in the past year, and 95 percent of the somnambulants are scantily clad men.
"We have seen an increased number of cases over the years so it is important that our staff know how to help sleepwalking when it arises," Leigh McCarron, the chain's sleep director, said in a statement.
One tip in the company's newly released "sleepwalkers guide" tells staff to keep towels handy at the front desk in case a customer's dignity needs preserving.

The company said naked wanderers often ask receptionists such questions as "Where's the bathroom?", "Do you have a newspaper?" or "Can I check out, I'm late for work?"
Studies have found that sleepwalking can be brought on by stress, alcohol, eating cheese or consuming too much caffeine. It generally takes effect an hour or two after going to bed, when people are first slipping into a deep sleep.
Asked on Thursday why she thought 95 percent of its sleepwalkers were naked men, a Travelodge spokeswoman said: "We have more men staying with us than women, so that could be a factor."


Try on Glasses via your cell phone using "Mobile Fitting"

Try on Glasses via your cell phone using

How would it be if you can try out your pants or t-shirts on your cell phone itself, rather than going to a shop and trying it in a trial room? A real time saver for ladies I guess, isn’t it ?

Well still there might be some time left for this thing to happen but now atleast you can virtually try on glasses on your mobile phones.

A Japanese Megane Top (”Top Glasses”) superstore has started a new service to allow its customers to virtually try on glasses using their mobile phones.

Here's how it works: customers take a quick snapshot of yourself and then combine it with images of glasses downloaded from the merchant's mobile website. This "Mobile Fitting" service is currently being utilized in Japan's Megane Top ("Top Glasses") superstore.
I think it to be an effective way of combining technology with apparels.