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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Surya’s makeover for Vaaranam Aayiram

The Vaaranam Aayiram team has returned from the US after having canned almost 70 per cent of the movie. This Surya starrer was previewed recently and the sources say that director Gautham Menon was elated with the way the movie has shaped up. With the first schedule over, the team is now gearing up for its next schedule.
It is said that Surya will appear in an entirely different get-up from hereon and is in the process of preparing for it. The actor’s notable absence at the Star Night held at Malaysia, recently, is ascribed to his preparations for the second schedule, as it was feared that his makeover would be revealed if he ventured out.
With director Gautham Menon showing special attention towards the film’s music, as he wants it to be trendier, Harris Jeyaraj is said to have put in more efforts. The usual winning combination of Gautham Menon and Harris Jeyaraj is expected to rock in this endeavor also.

Surya & Sameera Reddy

Surya & Sameera Reddy

Surya & Sameera Reddy

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Can women do everything Men do?

Take a look at this video and find out the answer :) I found in to be really funny..The video shows a gut and a girl on a train trying to outwit each other,maintaining an air of friendliness throughout.The expression on the guys face at the end is priceless!(no offence,ladies ;) )
So does this really answer our question?Hmmm,not really.

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I Am Legend



Will Smith plays (as far as his character knows) the last man on earth, our hero, Robert Neville, a sole survivor of a world dominating virus created by man, that initially takes out 588 million people in 2009, and was originally created to somehow cure cancer. In 2012, Neville (a former scientist) dedicates his life to surviving for the sake of the human race, since he's somehow immune to the virus and those who have been infected, and attempts to find a cure. In order to find a cure, he seeks out the infected beings at night, who seem to have completely forgotten how to act human, their instincts and survival skills have become non-existent, and either takes them out to survive, or in some cases, drags them to his underground lab for research purposes, in hopes of correcting humankind's mistake.

File Size : 701 Mb.

Valid : Yes [AVI]
Duration : 01:41:23
Movie complete : Yes

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Bheema Trailer

Watch the much awaited Bheema trailer here.Bheema is a forthcoming Tamil film to be directed by N. Linguswamy. It stars Vikram, Trisha Krishnan and Prakash Raj in the lead roles. The movie will also be dubbed in Telugu.The film's score and soundtrack will be composed by Harris Jayaraj with lyrics by renowned poets; Na. Muthukumar, Pa. Vijay and Vairamuthu. Cinematography for the movie is handled by R.D. Rajasekhar while editing is being handled by Antony. The movie has been said to be about life in the underworld. Shooting for the film began on the 24th of April, 2006 at various locations in India. The film was slated for a Pongal/Sankranthi 2007 release, but it was pushed back to May 11, 2007 due to technical difficulties. Then it was postponed further due to the nearing release of Sivaji: The Boss.The film soundtrack was released on August 10, 2007 and the film is sure to be released on 11 January 2008 ( Pongal release).

Bheema trailer on YouTube:

Thursday, December 20, 2007

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Marmayogi Kamal ropes in Hema

Marmayogi, Hema malini, Hemamalini, Kamal Hassan, Dasavatharam, Dashavatharam, Dream girl hema malini, Marma yogi, Marmayoghi, Reliance Adlabs, Tamil Brahmin

Kamal is known to do a lot of different things in his movies. Like the 10 avatars in Dasavatharam. Each movie is a history in itself and he chooses his co-stars with care. That is one of the reason he has a great fan following and his movies go on to become super hits.

The current buzz in Kollywood is that he has roped in Hema Malini, the ‘Dream Girl’ of Bollywood to play a leading character in his next movie Marma Yogi. Kamal Hassan is starting with Marmayogi as he is finished with the shooting of Dasavatharam, which is expected to be a Tamil new year release. Marmayoghi is the movie, which Kamal is directing and producing, on first copy basis for the corporate Reliance Adlabs.

It is said that Hema Malini who is a Tamil Brahmin by birth wanted to act in Tamil movies, when she started her career. But she was said to have no star appeal. Then she shifted to Bollywood and became one of the greatest star the industry has ever seen.

Hema Malini is said to have accepted to act in Marmayogi after reading the complete script of Marmayogi.

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Download Billa Movie

Download Billa Movie

Movie Name : Billa 2007
Cast : Ajith Kumar,Namitha,Nayanthara,Prabhu Ganesan,
,Rahman,Rose Dawn
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Directed : Vishnuvardhan
Produced : L Suresh Balaji
Written : Javed Akhtar,Salim Khan
Screenplay : Vishnuvardhan
Dialogue : Sujatha
Distributed : Balaji Movies, Ayngaran



Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Britney Spears' sis gets pregnant

Jamie Lynn Spears, the 16-year-old “Zoey 101” star and sister of Britney, tells OK! Magazine that she’s pregnant and that the father is her longtime boyfriend, Casey Aldridge.

“It was a shock for both of us, so unexpected,” she says. “I was in complete and total shock and so was he.”

Spears is 12 weeks along and initially kept the news to herself when she learned of the pregnancy from an at-home test and subsequent doctor visit, she told the celebrity magazine, which hits stands in New York on Wednesday and the rest of the country by Friday.

“As soon as I found out for sure from the doctor, I took two weeks to myself where I didn’t tell anybody,” she says. “Only one of my friends knew because I needed to work out what I would do for myself before I let anyone’s opinion affect my decision. Then I told my parents and my friends. I was scared, but I had to do what was right for me.”

Spears broke the news to her mother, Lynne, just before Thanksgiving, the magazine says.

“She was very upset because it wasn’t what she expected at all,” Spears says. “A week after, she had time to cope with it and became very supportive.”

Lynne Spears, already grandmother to Britney’s young sons, says: “I didn’t believe it because Jamie Lynn’s always been so conscientious. She’s never late for her curfew. I was in shock. I mean, this is my 16-year-old baby.”

She says her actress daughter, the telegenic heroine of the popular Nickelodeon series “Zoey 101,” has known Aldridge for years and began dating him in high school.

One person who might not be so thrilled by the news? Britney. A source close to the pop princess told that Jamie Lynn’s older sister is “frantic” over the news. The Web site reports that Britney may not have been aware of the news until today.

Jamie Lynn plans to raise the baby in her home state of Louisiana — “so it can have a normal family life.”

The third season of “Zoey 101” wraps up Jan. 4.

“I haven’t spoken to (Nickelodeon) personally, but they have always been so great to me over the past years and have given me so many opportunities.”

What message does she want to send to other teens about premarital sex?

“I definitely don’t think it’s something you should do; it’s better to wait,” she says. “But I can’t be judgmental because it’s a position I put myself in.”

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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A.R.Rahman's latest venture Jodhaa Akbar-the talk of the town

After finishing his second Tamil movie in a row – for the less informed, they are Sivaji and the recently released ATM – Rahman is now busy finishing off Ashutosh Gowaikar directed epic tale Jodhaa Akbar starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai in the lead. The results of Ashutosh’s previous outings with Rahman for Lagaan and Swades need no elucidation.
Jodhaa Akbar
Produced by UTV pictures, Jodhaa Akbar’s music rights were earlier sold to BIG Music. However, quoting lack of time for the promotion of the music and blaming producers UTV for the same, BIG Music recently withdrew from their contract. Music of Jodhaa Akbar will now be promoted by UTV, who for this sole purpose is launching a music label on their own. Higher officials at UTV swear that there is no better launchpad for their music label than releasing Rahman’s music.

Rahman’s music for Jodhaa Akbar has already raised the bar among critics and music lovers alike with its trailer, which had some great music by the maestro. Sources close to Rahman say that the music is very contemporary and one of his best.

The official soundtrack contains 5 songs and additional two instrumentals. The music was to release on 18th December. However, according to Jodha Akbar official forum and as per Gowarikar's post, "music is not being released on 18th December. I know i had originally told you all that date, but preparing the cd and cassette in lays is taking a little more time and so we wont be releasing tomorrow. Will let you know very soon what the new music release date will be. Thanks, and hope you are looking forward to the music," the exact date of music release in doubt.

The first television promo aired on 9th December, 2007.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

How to kill Vista's explorer.exe in 3 clicks.

The usual way of terminating the explorer process is through the Task manager. Rt-Click taskbar > Task manager > Process Tab > Rt Click explorer.exe > End Process.

But Vista actually offers you a faste way to do it; in 3 clicks !

Click Start button > Hold down Ctrl+Shift & Right Click on empty area in the Start Menu > Click "Exit Explorer".

To re-start it, you will have to do so as usual through the Task Manager. Click Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select Star Task Manager or press Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Then launch explorer.exe manually.

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The latest pair-Simbu and Asin

Exit Lekha Washington, enter Asin: this is the latest news from the ‘Kettavan’ Unit!

At the muhurat of his latest film ‘Silambattam’, Silambarasan said that he had made many changes in ‘Kettavan’. He evaded the question when asked whether the heroine Lekha was shown the door.

Reliable sources, however, reveal that Silambarasan has decided to remove Lekha and rope in Asin in ‘Kettavan’.

It is known to everyone that Silambarasan is planning to re-start the shooting of ‘Kettavan’ only after finishing ‘Kaalai’ and ‘Silambaattam’. The original producers too have opted out of the project and it will be produced under the banner of V. Ravichandran’s Oscar Films.

When Oscar Ravichandran approached Vijaya T. Rajendhar for Simbu’s call-sheet for a new film, it appears that T.R. told him to take over ‘Kettavan’ instead of launching a new film with Simbu in the lead. It is said that Ravichandran had even agreed to and returned the Rs.3 crores of money that the previous producer of ‘Kettavan’ had spent.

Insiders disclose that Simbu’s sudden change of mind towards the VJ turned actor Lekha is the main reason for all the aforesaid changes. Add to this Silambarasan’s new found liking for Asin and you know what all the fuss is about. Feelers have been sent to Asin to persuade her to accept the offer.

One might think that Silambarasan is acting too big for his own comfort. But he can afford to do so, given his current market value. He is one of the leading saleable and bankable stars in the industry and has been the distributors’ darling for quite sometime now. It is said that his market value is next only to Vijay and Ajith. Business circles say that his Kaalai has fetched Rs. 18 crores.

So, Silambarasan enjoys the ‘luxury’ of changing the heroine after shooting more than 30 per cent of the movie. It might sound crazy but that is what show biz is all about!

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A lonely creature

For the last 12 years, a single solitary whale whose vocalizations match no known living species has been tracked across the Northeast Pacific. Its wanderings match no known migratory patterns of any living whale species. Its vocalizations have also subtly deepened over the years, indicating that the whale is maturing and ageing. And, during the entire 12 year span that it has been tracked, it has been calling out for contact from others of its own kind.

It has received no answer. Nor will it ever. You can listen to the lonely whale at the NOAA. Its call is at 52 hertz, which is roughly that of a low note on a Tuba.

The New Scientist informs us that blue whales call out at 15-20 hertz. Fin whales at 20 hertz. Humpbacks sing at much higher frequencies.

The mystery of the solitary whale has captured the imagination. Hypotheses as to its identity include the possibility that the whale is deaf, that it is a hybrid of two species, or that it is sick or malformed (although unlikely, since it has survived for more than 12 years).

Or perhaps, if you want to get weird, you can note for fun that this story matches the plot of a Star Trek Movie. But Leonard Nimoy did not pen this story; it is for real.

Whatever the identity of this strange unidentified alien whale, it is, for now, the very definition of poetic, existential loneliness, in both time and space. The whale is somewhere wandering the Northeast Pacific, right now, in a rudderless, aimless track. And right now the lonely beast could be calling out for others of its kind, and finding none, for over 12 years and counting.

Weird and fascinating.

Some funny telegrams!

A daughter sends a telegram to her father on her clearing B.Ed exams, which the father receives as:

"father, your daughter has been successful in BED."

A husband, while he is on a business trip to a hill station sends a telegram to his wife: "I wish you were here."

The message received by wife: "I wish you were her."


A wife with near maturing pregnan! Cy goes to railway station to return to her husband.
At the reservation counter, while her turn came, it was the last ticket.
Taking pity on a very old lady next to her in the queue, she offered her berth to the old lady and sent a telegram to her husband which reached as:

"Shall be coming tomorrow, heavy rush in the train, gave birth to an old lady."

TELEGRAM #4(I like this one;) )

A man wants to celebrate his wife's Birthday by throwing a party. So he goes to order a birthday cake.
The salesman asks him what message he wants to put on the cake.
Well he thinks for a while and says:
Let's put, "you are not getting older you are getting better".
The salesman asks, "How do you want me to put it?"
The man says, Well put "You are not getting older", at the top and "! You are getting better" at the bottom.
The real fun didn't start until the cake was opened the entire party watched the message decorated on the cake:

"You are not getting older at the top, you are getting better at the bottom".

A man from Agra went to Ajmer. His wife was in her parent's house in Delhi .
When the man went to Ajmer, he asked his servant to send a telegram to his wife indicating about his trip to Ajmer.
He sent a telegram. When the wife received the telegram, she fainted.

It was written:

'Sethji aaj mar ! Gaye! (Sethji Ajmer gaye )

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Friday, December 14, 2007

BIlla Movie Review

To remake a film which was a trendsetter of its times involving someone who was and continues to be the super star, requires sharp skills and is tantamount to walking on thin ice. But where Vishnu Vardhan scores is in his crystal clear vision. He doesn’t want to challenge the original nor change its content. All he wants to do is to repackage it stylishly for today’s trend with some present avant-garde styles in film making. The deliberate attempts by the director not to follow the super star’s style are palpable in every frame which has made Billa stand out tall and high.

Ajith as the ruthless David Billa is a revelation. Stylish, menacing and electrifying, he seems to have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and has completely lived up to it. Rajinikanth can definitely be proud of his successor he has chosen for the tough job.

Billa Movie Review
Behindwoods Movie Review Board
Billla Movie - Ajith, Nayanthara
Movie review


Cast : Ajith, Nayantara, Namitha, Prabhu

Direction: Vishnuvardhan

Music: Yuvanshankar Raja

Production: L.Suresh
Sleek masala entertainer, is a genre which Tamil cinema is not much used to. Thanks to bravery of Vishnu and Ajith, you will see more such movies from now on.

To remake a film which was a trendsetter of its times involving someone who was and continues to be the super star, requires sharp skills and is tantamount to walking on thin ice. But where Vishnu Vardhan scores is in his crystal clear vision. He doesn’t want to challenge the original nor change its content. All he wants to do is to repackage it stylishly for today’s trend with some present avant-garde styles in film making. The deliberate attempts by the director not to follow the super star’s style are palpable in every frame which has made Billa stand out tall and high.

Ajith as the ruthless David Billa is a revelation. Stylish, menacing and electrifying, he seems to have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and has completely lived up to it. Rajinikanth can definitely be proud of his successor he has chosen for the tough job.
As the simpleton Velu, Ajith is lively and light, combining with Prabhu for some great moments. When asked by Prabhu to don the role of Billa, Velu expresses his dislike saying that Lord Muruga will not approve of this. When Prabhu sights sura samhara as an example, Ajith counters him saying that ‘avarukku aaru thala, aana enakku orey thala’, having his fans simply break into raptures.

The introductory scene of Nayantara rocks and is on par with such scenes of any other hero of current times. She looks fit, debonair and effortlessly sizzles. Namitha as CJ and Billa’s lover appears in glamorous outfits and satisfies her fans. Prabhu as DCP, cannot be better. Rahman as Interpol officer has done his job well.

Action scenes directed by stunt man William Ong are the highlights. The car chase sequences are first of its kind in Tamil, with Ajith’s racing image adding to the grandeur. Sound effects are perfect and in sync with natural sound and the credit goes to

Ayyappan. His efforts come to the fore especially in action sequences. Yuvan Shankar does it once again. ‘My name is Billa’, though shot differently, lacks the original’s magic. The ‘Vethalayai Pottendi’ number could also have been better.

Vishnu doesn’t waste too much time or dialogues on character building. He seems to have depended more on rapid cuts to make the screen play tighter and taut. The two biggest pillars of support for him come from costume department and cinematography section. Kudos to Vishnu’s wife, Anu Vardhan’s hard work and eye for details to get the colors and feel of the costumes perfect. Nirav Shah, the cinematographer’s work is of superlative nature and the result is an absolute visual delight. Seamless editing by Sreekar Prasad adds to the flow of the film.

On the whole, neatly packaged, Billa has lived up to its hype. If you are looking for an enjoyable fantasy ride, you wouldn’t be disappointed.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

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Download embedded contents from anysite

I have been using Free Music Zilla since last couple of days. I must say its THE BEST application for downloading any embedded media such as flv, mp3 from almost any website and browser.

Here is how to use Free Music Zilla in general:

1. Install Free Music Zilla and run Free Music Zilla. Free Music Zilla is monitoring IE and FireFox by default. You can configure custom or preset applications from Tools > Preferences > Monitoring

2. Now Play a music or video from any site or from the configured application if any (in my case For example, you can play a video from youtube or a music from Pandora. The playing content will be grabbed by Music Zilla.

3. Select the grabbed music/video then click 'Download' button. Or you can right click and select download. I have found a bug where the download button is not click-able. So right click is the way to go.

NOTE: Please download it before 'Leech Timeout' count down to 0 and keep the content playing when downloading. Otherwise download will be failed.

Key Features:

* Download music from, IMEEM, Pandora and more social music!
* Support all web browser like IE, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, Avnta, Netscape!
* Can add custom application to monitor and download. I tried this with desktop client and it works great.

Cash Advance1500

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Another cool Javascript

Scripts and codes can indeed be interesting and cool;sometimes they're really fun! Check out this cool Javascript I found.
Go to google images. Search whatever you want. Then copy/paste this code in your internet address bar:

javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI= document.images; DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i

Hit enter. Crazy, huh?

Hit refresh over and over to make it go faster. It also works on the main google images page, as well as many other websites if you just look around!

Optimize Your BitTorrent Download Speed

1. Hack the max half-open TCP connections

If you’re on XP sp2, your TCP connections are limited to a maximum of 10. This might hurt your downloading speed because it wont let you connect to as much peers as you want. It is supposed to slow down viruses because their spreading strategy is to connect to a high amount of ip numbers, but it could cripple your torrent downloads.

A nice way to fix this is to download this patch.

Note: Some people report that their antivir reports the patch to be a Virus, This is not the case. Check out for more details on this

The patch allows you to set the maximum allowed connections to any number you want. Any number between 50 and 100 is ok (more is NOT always better).

Next you need to configure your torrent client to allow 50-100 max half-open TCP connections

uTorrent: Options > Preferences > Advanced options > net.max_halfopen


Bitcomet: Options > Preferences > Connection > max half-open TCP


Now you’re ready to go…

A third point of interest is that some “windows updates” revert your tweaked tcp connections back to 10. So it’s wise to check this every now and then. You can check this by going to (in windows xp) Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > System… Look for event 4226 (sort by event).


2. Torrent Client Configuration

In order to apply these tips you need to know your maximum up- and download speed. You can test your bandwidth over here (stop all download activity while testing). Also make sure that you applied the tips provided in our previous posts.

Note that there’s a difference between kb/s (kilobits/second) and kB/s (kilobytes/second). To be precise, kB/s = kb/s divided by 8. In this tutorial we use kB/s (like most torrent clients do). This means that you might need to calculate your max speed in kB/s yourself if the speedtest only gives you the results in kb\s (so divide by 8 then).

Settings 1-4 can be found in the options, settings or preference tab of most torrent clients.

1. Maximum upload speed

Probably the most important setting there is. Your connection is (sort of) like a pipeline, if you use you maximum upload speed there’s not enough space left for the files you are downloading. So you have to cap your upload speed.

Use the following formula to determine your optimal upload speed…

80% of your maximum upload speed

so if your maximum upload speed is 40 kB/s, the optimal upload rate is 32kB/s

But keep seeding!

2. Maximum download speed

Although setting your maximum download speed to unlimited may sound interesting, in reality it will only hurt your connection. If you still want to be able to browse properly, set your maximum download speed to:

95% of your maximum download speed

so if your maximum download speed is 400 kB/s, the optimal download speed is 380kB/s

3. Maximum connected peers per torrent

Yet another setting that you don’t want to max out. I experimented quite a lot with the max connected peers settings and came to the conclusion that both high and low number hurt the download speed of a torrent. The following setting worked best for me.

upload speed * 1.3

so if your maximum upload speed is 40 kB/s, the optimal amount of connected peers per torrent is

40 * 1.3 = 52

I didn’t noticed a difference for fast or slow connections here.

4. Maximum upload slots

1 + (upload speed / 6)

so if your maximum upload speed is 30 kB/s, the optimal number of upload slots is

1 + (30 / 6) = 6

3. More Tips

Check seeds and peers
A simple tip, but very important. Always look for torrents with the best seed/peer ratio. The more seeds (compared to peers) the better (in general). So 50 seeds and 50 peers is better than 500 seeds and 1000 peers. So, be selective.

Change the default port.
By default, BitTorrent uses a port 6881-6999. BitTorrent generates a lot traffic (1/3), so isp’s like to limit the connection offered on the these ports. So, you should change these to another range. Good clients allow you to do this, just choose anything you like. If you’re behind a router, make sure you have your ports forwarded ( or UPnP enabled.

Disable Windows Firewall
It sucks. Windows Firewall hates P2P and often leads a life of it’s own. So disable it and get yourself a decent (free) firewall, Kerio or Zone Alarm for example.

Turn on Encryption
Encrypting your torrents will prevent throttling ISP’s from limiting your BitTorrent traffic. Check out how to enable encryption in Azureus, uTorrent, and Bitcomet, the three most popular torrent clients.

Optimize your internet connection
The TCP optimizer is a freeware utility that optimizes your internet connection. I found it very useful and it helped speeding up my connection for regular internet activity and for downloading torrents. Just download it, and move the slidebar to your maximum download rate (note that it’s in kb/s). Don’t try to set it higher because that will hurt your download speeds!

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A complete package for merchants and customers!

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Schumacher may be Germany's fastest taxi driver

Michael Schumacher may well be the fastest taxi driver in Germany after the seven-times world champion shocked a cab driver by taking over the wheel in order to be on time for a flight.

Schumacher, 38, flew into the aerodrome at the Bavarian town of Coburg on Saturday and took a taxi to the village of Gehuelz, 30 kilometres away, to pick up a new puppy - an Australian Shepherd dog called 'Ed'.

But when the former Formula One ace, plus his wife and two children, caught a taxi back to the airport they were short on time and, after a polite request, cab driver Tuncer Yilmaz watched in wonder as Schumacher took the wheel.

"I found myself in the passenger seat, which was strange enough, but to have 'Schumi' behind the wheel of my cab was incredible," Mr Yilmaz told the Muenchner Abendzeitung.

"He drove at full throttle around the corners and over-took in some unbelievable places."

Mr Yilmaz was well rewarded for the unusual journey - on top of the 60 euros (88 US dollars) fare, he was also given a 100 euros (146 US dollars) tip.

Schumacher's spokesperson Sabine Kehm later confirmed the story.

The German track ace, who now lives in Switzerland, retired from Formula One in 2006 after a glittering career and, despite test drives for his old team Ferarri, has insisted there is no chance of a return to racing.

Earning Through Blogging? Join PayPerPost!

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So how does this work?If you've ever come across the term "advertising",its very similar.Adverisers are on the lookout for bloggers who are willing to review their products/services,and they pay you for it.PayPerPost(or PPP as its fondly called) acts as a mediator between the blogger and the advertiser.Bloggers on the blog network will find this as a big boost for earning online.
If you have a blog but haven't signed up for PPP yet,do a Maverick and join right now!

*This is a sponsored post.


Finally......My internet connection is back,and so is The Maverick! I've moved to a new place and thus had wait for my damned ISP to restore my connection.That happened only after numerous phone calls(with some harsh words thrown in).Seems ISPs take customers for granted these days;I'd to endure the agony of not having "the power to connect" for nearly a fortnight :O

Ah..It feels good to be back,really.As I promised,I'll make a few changes in my blog to make it more interesting.
Stay tuned to The Maverick's Haunt!

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Online Finances

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Be Back on December 2nd!

First off,apologies from yours truly for the sudden disappearance!
My exams are going on right now,so I'm tied up with that..Blogging along with studying seemed an impossible task,since I tend to spend at least 6 hours a day for the former..So I'll be back on December 2nd..Got lots of new ideas and improvements in store for my blog when I return :)

Keep in touch till then,and please dont forget The Maverick's Haunt!

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Digital Video Eyewear

The Digital Video Eyewear is basically a combination of two 320 x 240 video screens and a comfortable goggles. You can plug it in to your DVD player or video iPod and indulge in your favourite movie all on your own without having to share the screen with anybody else!

PLUS you can view any field-sequential content in 3D! Talk about virtual reality eh? But of course you need the content first for you to view it. Just Google for movies that support this content and buy or download it. Get the Digital Video Eyewear and experience the difference!

Ever heard of an Exabyte?

An exabyte (EB) is a large unit of computer data storage, two to the sixtieth power bytes. The prefix exa means one billion billion, or one quintillion, which is a decimal term. Two to the sixtieth power is actually 1,152,921,504,606,846,976 bytes in decimal, or somewhat over a quintillion (or ten to the eighteenth power) bytes. It is common to say that an exabyte is approximately one quintillion bytes. In decimal terms, an exabyte is a billion gigabytes.

1 Exabyte=10^18 bytes

How Many Bytes for Anything
Much of the following table is derived from figures calculated by Roy Williams on his page called "Powers of Ten."

Information object How many bytes
A binary decision 1 bit
A single text character 1 byte
A typical text word 10 bytes
A typewritten page 2 kilobyte s ( KB s)
A low-resolution photograph 100 kilobytes
A short novel 1 megabyte ( MB )
The contents of a 3.5 inch floppy disk 1.44 megabytes
A high-resolution photograph 2 megabytes
The complete works of Shakespeare 5 megabytes
A minute of high-fidelity sound 10 megabytes
One meter (or close to a yard) of shelved books 100 megabytes
The contents of a CD-ROM 500 megabytes
A pickup truck filled with books 1 gigabyte GB )
The contents of a DVD 17 gigabyte s
A collection of the works of Beethoven 20 gigabytes
A library floor of academic journals 100 gigabytes
50,000 trees made into paper and printed 1 terabyte ( TB )
An academic research library 2 terabytes
The print collections of the U.S. Library of Congress 10 terabytes
The National Climactic Data Center database 400 terabytes
Three years' of EOS data (2001) 1 petabyte ( PB )
All U.S. academic research libraries 2 petabytes
All hard disk capacity developed in 1995 20 petabytes
All printed material in the world 200 petabytes
Total volume of information generated in 1999 2 exabyte s ( EB s)
All words ever spoken by human beings 5 exabytes

How Much Information Exists
Since 2000, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have continued to estimate each year how much information exists on the planet Earth. The Executive Summary of their report, "How Much Information? 2003" is available at their Web site. Here are just a few highlights:
Information object How many bytes
How much information each person on earth produces per year 1 to 2 exabyte s
How much of the above is printed information .03% of the total
How much e-mail information per year 11,265 terabyte s
How much radio information 788 terabytes
How much TV information 14,150 terabytes
How much telephone information 576,000 terabytes
How much postal information 150,000 terabytes
How much office document information 195 terabytes

Azhagiya Tamil Magan videos from the movie

Here are some clips from the latest Vijay movie Azhagiya Tamil Magan.The download links on rapidshare will be up in a short time;so watch these videos from the movie meanwhile.And lol,don't expect DivX quality-these videos and scenes from Azhagiya Tamil Magan have been taken with a mobile camera.The videos on YouTube feature the following scenes:


Watch it here also:

Azhagiya Tamizh Magan Video Song - Illaiyathalapathy Intro Song


ATM VIJAY TITLE VIDEO(Listen to the response of the crowd :) ):



Jodi No 1 Pre Finals Videos

The heat is on,along with the competition-finally,the finals of the Tamil counterpart of Dancing with the Stars is around the corner.Three Jodis compete for the grand prize of 1 Million,the performance of which will be telecasted on Vijay TV on 18.11.07.
Meanwhile,Vijay TV decided to have a prefinals episode of Jodi No 1 Season 2 on 11th Novemeber.Watch it on YouTube here:

Kandasamy Movie Inaugral at Devi Theatre-Video
Is it possible not to make the news when you're the talk of the town? That's what the latest Chiyaan-starrer Kandasamy is all about.Vikram and Susi Ganesan have joined hands to produce one of the biggest projects in Kollywood history,financed by Kalaipuli S Dhanu.Kandasamy witnessed a biggest ever launch on Monday, September 17, at the newly renovated Devi theatre. The crème de la crème of Kollywood and Tollywood was invited (the film is going to be a bilingual) for the launch.The invitation card itself cost a whopping Rs 12,000! It will be a 48-page (pictures) invite card, and for the first time in India a mini LCD player is attached with the invite and will show the special trailer of Kandasamy, made for the occasion with voice over by Chiyaan!!

Download the high quality exclusive video of Kandasamy Movie Inaugral function from rapidshare here:

Revealing Masked Password Box

Saving passwords in Internet Explorer can be dangerous as there are many tools on the internet can be used to revealed masked password. One example is Snadboys Revelation. Simply click and drag the 'Circled +' Cursor over the password box to reveal the masked password. It may take a little time to reveal masked password so if it doesn't show up immediately, try holding the cursor over the box for at least 5 seconds.

Snadboys Revelation is available free from :

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The Drum Machine-Anandan Sivamani

The Drum Machin-thats what he is,really.This walking legend by the name of Sivamani knows how to groove when given a pair of sticks and a set of drums.I have never heard such drumming before, but can give you an idea if you've heard the sound of distant thunder, the piccolo of birds, and the breath of a tiger.Watch some of his videos on YouTube here:

In ARR's concert:

In Ilayaraja's concert:

Mumbai Concert:

Is Drum and stick a requirement? Nah..A stack of plates and a couple of spoons are enough!

With Mandolin Shrinivas:

Face to Face with Asin

Asin in an interview with soon after her birthday.She looks gorgeous with her expressions and emotions...and oh,not to mention..her double braids and a checked shirt :)

Download link

Vande Mataram and now Tamil Thaai Vazhthu

Legendary director Balu Mahendra, who seldom makes open requests, was seen making one to none other than the ace music director A R Rahman on an open stage. Balu Mahendra had always teamed up with Ilayaraja, his favorite composer for all his movies and for him to put forth a request to Rahman came as a surprise to everyone present at the venue.
Ar Rahman

Having praised Rahman for taking the national song to the youth with his album Vande Mataram, he requested him to compose a new tune for the Tamil anthem, Tamizh Thai Vaazhthu, an ode to the Tamil language, in an effort to popularize it among the Tamil youth. A R Rahman, present at the function, was all smiles when he was showered eulogies for his music from the legendary director who works only with his contemporary Ilayaraja. This is another event that took place during the Kalloori audio launch function. For those present at the venue it was definitely a discourse on films from the legends of Tamil cinema and their protégés.

A peculiar way to hide a folder in Windows

This is a cool way to make a folder disppear in Windows,without having to use 3rd party software or type out long ASCII codes.I found this method by accident when I was trying to change the icon of a particular folder.Though this method doesn't HIDE a folder,it does make it sort of invisible.

Do this:
1.Right click on the folder you wanna hide,and click on Properties.

2.Click on the Customize tab.At the bottom,you can see a "Change Icon" button.Click on it to get a list of icons installed on your system.

3.Scroll down 3-4 times to find some blank spaces where there should be icons.This "blank space" is actually an icon.Click on the Blank/Invisible icon and give OK twice.

4.Now you wont be able to see the folder's icon.We've hidden half of the folder(or made it invisible,rather).Now to make the other half invisible-the folder name.

5.In Windows XP,its not possible to assign a "blank" name to a folder;even giving a space isn't allowed-by ordinary means,that is.You can directly use the ASCII characters to rename your folders.
To do so,right click on the folder,select Rename.Now Hold down Alt,and then press 0160 on your Numpad(Its mandatory that you should use your numpad for this and not the regular numkeys-the ones above the alphabets).0160 is the code for a space in ASCII format.Now hit enter.Your folder would be completley invisible by now.


Let your Y! friends know what you are listening to

Make Your Yahoo Messenger to show the song you are playing in winamp as your status!

Close your winamp & yahoo messenger, before doing the below steps.

1. Download and the file :
2. Extract the plugin in it using winzip or winrar.
3. Copy and Paste the plugin to "Plugins" folder in your Winamp Directory.
x:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\
(Here "x" refers to the drive, where you have installed winamp. )
4. Open "Winamp" and goto "Preference" (Ctrl+P).
5. Head to "General Purpose".
6. Make sure you have enabled the plugin. (It will be enabled, by default)
7. Open the Yahoo Messenger, Signin. And see how your status changes when you change the songs.

Demonoid goes offline again

What happened to Demonoid?It has gone offline again.
Well,well..It seems that the CRIA wasn't joking and wants to be taken seriously.You'll probably remember that Demonoid(,a very popular torrent site,went offline a couple of months back-thanks to the CRIA.Demonoid had its server in Canada;On September 28 2007 the BitTorrent tracker Demonoid went though a brief downtime. Subsequently it was found that the CRIA had threatened legal action and as such Canadian users are now being blocked to prevent legal action. Most Canadian IP addresses must now use a proxy server to access Demonoid.

As they say,history has repeated itself,though allowing only a very brief period for the deja vu to occur.On November 08, 2007, the CRIA forced the closing of Demonoid by threatening the company from whom they are renting their servers. The site was left as a blank page with a short statement written on it:

"The CRIA threatened the company renting the servers to us, and because of this it is not possible to keep the site online. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding."

The Canadian Recording Industry Association is a non-profit trade organization that was founded in 1964 to represent the interests of a bunch of sodding putos that create, manufacture and market sound recordings in Canada. The organization is based in Toronto.

Will this stop people from downloading songs and other stuff illegaly?Or does this mark the beginning of a new age when illegal content would have ceased to exist on the Internet?

Friday, November 9, 2007

The new 8800GTS 640MB with 112 Stream Processors

Without a doubt, the EVGA 8800GTS SSC Edition with 112 Stream Processors has found its niche in the market. If you are one of the many people looking to purchase a 22” or larger widescreen monitor and play games with high details and IQ settings, this card should be at the very top of your list. This card has shown itself to be superior to the extremely popular 8800GT 512MB when playing DX10 games with large textures. Indeed, EVGA has fitted this card perfectly into vacuum created by the discontinuation of the older 8800GTS 640MB.

Was I impressed with the EVGA 8800GTS SSC? Yes, I was but I have my reservations about recommending it outright. Let’s be honest; most customers don’t play at ultra high resolutions with high levels of AA and AF enabled and it is here where parallels between the new 8800GT and this card will be called into question. The SSC carries a nearly 30% price premium but it performs on-par with the GT at lower resolutions. On the other hand this new 112 Stream Processor equipped GTS is able in most cases to manhandle the stock 8800GT at higher resolutions and in games with larger textures or more detail. Another unfortunate occurrence is the complete lack of 8800GT cards on the market today; there are long backorder lists at popular retailers and consumers may be looking for an alternative. If you are willing to pay the extra $75 (or thereabouts) for the 8800GTS with 112 Stream Processors, you will not regret your decision.

Nvidia’s partners are walking a very thin line here because they needed to fill the gap between the 8800GT and the 8800GTX without overtaking Nvidia’s flagship card. I believe that they have succeeded very well since this 8800GTS SSC does not perform any better than the GTX yet it happily walks all over the 8800GT at higher resolutions and especially in DX10 games. Throughout our testing one thing became painfully apparent: even the 512MB of memory on the 8800GT is very much the bare minimum for most DX10 applications. Luckily for those of you playing at high resolutions with AA and AF enabled, the 8800GTS with 112 shader processors and 640MB of memory presents a great option if you are hesitant about spilling $500 and more for an 8800GTX.

Simply put; the EVGA 8800GTS SSC Edition is geared towards consumers who want to play at high resolutions with as much eye candy turned on as possible. If you play at 1280X1024 or even 1600x1200 with lower modes of AA and AF turned on then this is simply not the card for you. Are you looking into buying a 22” or larger widescreen monitor? If so then the EVGA 8800GTS SSC presents you with a great option for high resolution, high IQ-settings gaming.

For the full review,head over to:

The world’s smallest humanoid robot

-Sobot, world’s smallest humanoid robot

Meet the Omnibot 17u i-Sobot, world’s smallest humanoid robot, according to Guinness Book of Records.

It has only 6.5” tall, uses rechargeable batteries, speaks 200 words, and is able to perform 200 different type of action patterns.

It will be sold in Japan for 29,800 Yen, something around US$ 240.

A R Rahman and Vijay on Sun TV

Yeah,the title reads "Rahman and Vijay" but I believe the musical thala in the show was for more interesting to listen to and watch.I love Rahman to my guts,and am a die hard fan-but this interview increased my respect and adoration for him hundredfold.His answers are perfectly straightforward,yet never gravitated by headweight or hurtful.Well,thats Rahman for you.Amazing,everytime I think of it.

I was able to get a high quality video of the interview.Watch A R Rahman and Vijay being interviewd on Sun Tv during Diwali here:

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Make everything in Orkut dance

This is a nice javascript I found on the net that makes everything in your Orkut profile(if you've one) dance.All that you've to do is:

1.Login to your Orkut account.
2.In the address bar(where it says,copy and paste this Javascript:

javascript:b=[]; a=document.images; for(wt=0; wt^a.length; wt++){a[wt].style.position='relative'; b[b.length]=a[wt]};j=0; setInterval('j++; for(wt=0; wt^b.length; wt++){b[wt].style.left=Math.sin((6.28/a.length)*wt+j/10)*10}; void(0)',1); void(0)

See all your friends and profile details do a jig!

Azhagiya Tamil Magan Movie Review

From Behindwoods:

Azhagiya Thamizh Magan-if you are a Vijay fan, you are bound to love it. If you are someone who throws logical sense out of the window before entering the theatre, chances are that you might like it. If you are someone who appreciates quality film making, you will hate it. Now to the review…

First thing first, Vijay, newly christened “Iniya, Idhaya, Illaya Thalapathy”, is magical. He is power packed, style personified and ruthlessly elegant. The ease and grace with which he carries himself is something that needs to be seen on the silver screen. Perhaps, perhaps, he could have chosen a better platform.

Coming to the story, if there is one, is about Guru(Vijay) who is an athlete, meets Shriya, falls in love and to everyone’s surprise (the only non cinematic twist in the movie) both their parents give the green signal. Vijay suddenly acquires powers to prophesy the future, with most of his predictions coming true. After seeing a disturbing visual, Vijay decides to get away from Shriya and goes to Mumbai. In comes a mean money lender, Prasad, whose only aim in life is money, played by Vijay again. All hell breaks lose when Prasad decides to act as Guru and marry the rich Shriya. The rest of the story is how the good Vijay saves Shriya from the evil Vijay. Truly unstoppable with villainy, Vijay generates expectations and buzz with the introduction of the second role, only to be lost towards the end, courtesy the screenplay.

The main drawback of the movie is that it tends to follow a predictable path, one taken by zillions of masala movies before. Predict a fight, it is there, wish a song, it is there too, by the end of the movie, we tend to be a bit confused if we were also blessed with the ability to foresee the future. The first half is long, slow and clichéd.

Shriya has a good role and she has done a decent job and looks angelic. Santhanam does his part. Sayaji Shinde and Ashish Vidyarthi suffer from improper characterization. Namitha for a song and a few scenes, is a living proof of the dozing censor board, as the movie’s U certificate is cruel to say the least.

Director Barathan, who had the rising Superstar of Kollywood as his hero, Shriya, arguably the number one heroine in Tamil, fresh off Sivaji, A.R.Rahman for music and Appachan as the producer has let down a lifetime opportunity. Camera work by Balasubramaniam is excellent. All the songs have been choreographed artistically with top notch visuals. Lawrence needs special mention, as Vijay’s moves and shakes are sure to become a rage, especially the “Munnal vada” and “Ponmagal Vandal” numbers. A.R.Rahman as usual dazzles. The Visual effects are a bit tacky in some places, but overall a nice attempt. The effects for the last chase sequence is better left not discussed. The editor hasn’t impressed with a dragging first half. Only if a few scenes had been cut out, the movie would have been better. The stunts are over the top, the laws of gravity seem to not apply to the hero, though the fight between the two Vijays does stand out.

But it is all the way Vijay, with a towering performance, never seen before.

Verdict - Tailor made for Illaya Thalapathy fans.

See the interview on Sun Tv-A R Rahman and Vijay on Deepavali here:

Dasavatharam update

Asin completed the dubbing for the second part of Dasavatharam within a day. Film personalities hailed that it was a great achievement for an actress because heroines generally take at least a week or minimum 5 days to complete the dubbing for a film. Even a professional dubbing artist can take a minimum of 3 days to dub for a heroine.

Asin's quick and professional approach stunned the hero and master mind of the project Kamal Hassan, who was also in the dubbing studio for the whole day with Asin. K.S.Ravikumar, the director of the magnum opus praised the actress and said, "Asin is a true professional and a perfect artist. Her performance is an asset for this project…"

As Asin plays a Thanjavur Brahmin girl, the accent and style of the character are very important. So Kamal and Ravikumar had kept three days for Asin to dub for her role.

Now, Asin has completed her entire work for the magnum opus, which is getting ready for Pongal 2008 release. Kamal and Ravikumar congratulated the actress for her commitment, passion and devotion to work.