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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Be Back on December 2nd!

First off,apologies from yours truly for the sudden disappearance!
My exams are going on right now,so I'm tied up with that..Blogging along with studying seemed an impossible task,since I tend to spend at least 6 hours a day for the former..So I'll be back on December 2nd..Got lots of new ideas and improvements in store for my blog when I return :)

Keep in touch till then,and please dont forget The Maverick's Haunt!


ruud van tarun said...

Dai.. Overa padikkatha da

Meghna said...

Hi Sriram,
Hope you do well in the exams. good wishes from my side and hope to see you back soon!

Avinash said...

dai sriram. idhellam konjam over da. we friends knw d truth. he he

Weekend Warrior said...

Hey good luck with the exams. Looking forward to your posts in Dec.

Ravisekharan said...


Ya. I know, xams can u tie u up wid chains!! Anywayz! I too was buzy with my 7th sem xams!! Letz get back to some active blogginG!

minus23degrees said...

heyyy been following ur blogs regularly..i tink its reallly cool..i hav added u..add a linkback 2 me at

Satheesh KC said...

Dai Dec 6th aayiduchu.. Innum padichinu irukkatha !!

Sriram said...

Thanks so much to all you guys.Will be back soon!

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