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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jodi No 1 Season 2 Wildcard Round Results

As expected,the youngest jodi Irfan-Monisha duo got through the Wildcard round,successfully managing to amass the largest number of votes in Jodi No 1 Season 2 Wildcard Round.The results were announced on Saturday 03rd November '07.Yugendran and Malini came last with the lesat number of votes,followed by Arvind-Malini.Next in the queue were Dev-Aishwarya though they gave their best in the voting-based Wildcard round.Sree and Krithika received a large number of votes,albeit losing to the winners-Irfan and Monisha,thus making them the 3rd finalist for next week.

It is also rumoured that the results were known to the participants on Monday night,as soon as the time given for voting was closed.This is a good possibilty,as the small jig Irfan did on stage when Jayam Ravi(the chief guest for the show) announced the result appeared somewhat theatrical.I also felt that the disappointment(to an extent an ostensible cheerfullness that concealed sadness) on the runners-up faces was discernable.I've uploaded the videos on YouTube.

Irfan and Monisha won the Wildcard round.Watch the Jodi No 1 Season 2 Wildcard Round result videos on YouTube here:

The Show Starts:

Jayam Ravi enters:

Sharin dance-Malini Yugendran on stage:

Arvind on stage;Smitha dance:

Wildcard Results 1:

Wildcard Results 2:

Irfan-Monisha Jodi wins:

The Three Finalists: