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Sunday, November 4, 2007

GPhone plans to be revealed on Monday

Google_phoneGoogle is set to announce its "big plans for wireless" on Monday, including more specifics on "alliances with various handset makers and cellphone operators."Sprint and T-Mobile are rumored to be the named as the initial partners. Verizon, however, has mysteriously disappeared from that list. What's more, the Journal is reporting that we won't be seeing these Google-powered phones until the middle of next year at the earliest.

As far as handset partners go,Taiwan's HTC as the most likely candidate.However, Wired's GADGET LAB points out this arrangement may be problematic, given HTC's close ties with Microsoft. Can the two companies share HTC and co-exist in the mobile ad space? Another question for Monday, apparently. Of course the other thing to pay attention to on Monday will be the actual business plans Google develops with carriers. If we're right about things, it could mean a variety of discounted (or maybe even free) plans compliments of a Google revenue share.