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Monday, November 5, 2007

Minesweeper secret

I started playing Minesweeper after watching my bud Shiva play it..Thought it'd be interesting and it certainly hooked me up(Small things like these make you realise you don't need a nVidia 8800 monster to keep you entertained).I google practically everthing I like and that includes my new found desires.Since Minesweeper was the newest on that list,I googled it and found an interesting tweak.

How to reveal Mines in the game:
1. First Minimize or close all running applications.
2. Start the Minesweeper game from the start menu.
3. Type ‘xyzzy’ and hold down the shift key for one second.
4. Now move the cursor over a Minesweeper square you will notice a tiny white pixel in the top left corner of your desktop screen. This pixel will change to black when your mouse moves over a mine. Cool huh?

Oh..and make sure you dont have a white or black color desktop!


Avinash said...

dhadi. awesome tweak man. was d first time i was able to complete d game. tanx a lot

Sriram said...

Lol no prob da..

ViJaY said...

I couldnt quite get it mac.. Now working for me... and hey.. i hav blogrolled u...

Online Earning Opportunities said...

Hey, this is really nice trick. How did you find this one yaar. Generally i could not complete the game in difficult mode but this i finished. LOL even though its cheating, I could show my brother that I had completed the game in a very short time and he was banging his head how I could? lol......ofcourse I disclosed the secret afterwards. Any way thanks for your nice tip.

Sriram said...

@Vijay:It does work,Vijay..and thanks for the blogroll..I've done the same.

@Online:I found this on a computer forum Nithin.Minesweeper can get really difficult,especially in Expert level.Lol,thats a nice one,fooling your bro for a while.

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.