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Monday, November 5, 2007

The most searched keyword in Google India

Any guesses? Well,it may or may not turn out to what you expected..

'Sex' is the word most often searched by Internet users on Google search engines in countries like India, Egypt and Turkey, a new survey has found. The data from the Google Trends website gave an insight into the popular searches across the world. Jihad (meaning holy war) seemed to be the most often typed key word in countries like Pakistan, Indonesia and Morocco, reports Sydney Morning Herald. Internet users from Germany, Mexico and Austria were the world's top three searchers of the word "Hitler", while "Nazi" got most hits in Chile, Australia and the UK.

Chile also made it to the top spot by searching for the word 'gay' and weer followed by Mexico and Colombia. The top searchers for other keywords were as follows (in order from first to third place per country):

"Jihad" - Morocco, Indonesia, Pakistan;

"Terrorism" - Pakistan, Philippines, Australia;

"Hangover" - Ireland, United Kingdom, United States;

"Burrito" - United States, Argentina, Canada;

"Iraq" - United States, Australia, Canada;

"Taliban" - Pakistan, Australia, Canada;

"Tom Cruise" - Canada, United States, Australia;

"Britney Spears" - Mexico, Venezuela, Canada;

"Homosexual" - Philippines, Chile, Venezuela;

"Love" - Philippines, Australia, United States;

"Botox" - Australia, United States, United Kingdom;

"Viagra" - Italy, United Kingdom, Germany;

"David Beckham" - Venezuela, United Kingdom, Mexico;

"Kate Moss" - Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden;

"Dolly Buster" - Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia;

"Car bomb" - Australia, United States, Canada;

"Marijuana" - Canada, United States, Australia;

"IAEA" - Austria, Pakistan, Iran

"Sex"- India, Egypt , Turkey


NeoAuteur said...

The results are quite revealing. I'm very surprise myself.

Sriram said...

Humans search for what they like most :)

Happy Kitten said...

Hey.. nice read.. and interesting facts...